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White Tower car, Buick LeSabre, Meatpacking District, 1976. From Cars - New York City, 1974 - 1976, by Langdon Clay.

themaninthegreenshirt: “ Eerie portraits of cars in New York. Langdon Clay spent two years in the roaming the streets of New York at night, photographing parked and abandoned cars, a period when America was producing some of the most.

Silver Fish, Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe, in front of Con Edison substation, 1975.

Photographer Langdon Clay spent two years capturing gritty, gorgeous scenes of street-parked cars in the NYC night. His new book, Cars—New York City, is published by Steidl.

Meet a Woman Who Keeps 500 Plants in Her Brooklyn Apartment - Modern Farmer

“I think that the only way I& really been able to survive in New York is by surrounding myself with plants,” says Summer Rayne Oakes, who lives in what might be New York City’s greenest apartment.

Robert S Connet - StarFish

Robert Steven Connett - The Vomitus Maximus Museum, Original Paintings, Prints, , commissions & Image licensing ~ RS Connett