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Dima Powerline

Dima Powerline
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Волшебная палочка Гарри Поттера своими руками (12 фото)

Clare - I've done this and it's super easy/fun! How to Make Harry Potter Style Wands


Handmade_big by Doublenaut on Dribbble beautiful handmade icon illustration poster in high contrast black and white over ivory paper.

Illustration | I want my shoes back by Kristina Collantes.

Kristina Collantes So I am thinking the shadows were done by selecting a shape, feathering the edges and then filling it with a low transparency black.

Relief Sculpture:    St Helena, 1429-64 (by Mr. History)

Desiderio da Settignamo (attributed to), "St. Helena (Mother of Roman Emperor Constantine)," Sandstone Relief Sculpture, (Toledo Museum of Art)