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Harry Potter and Severus Snape

Harry Potter and Severus Snape

Wow,  this is absolutely stunning. Not sure whose art it is, though. Anybody know? -Harry Potter-

"If only there had been a dementor around. As a sobbing Wood passed Harry the Cup, as he lifted it into the air, Harry felt he could have produced the world's best Patronus." Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - J. Rowling The Quidditch Final

This is pretty spot on. I'd say I have a lot of acquaintances, but I'm very picky of who I call my friends.

I have lost to many 'friends' to know that this isn't entirely true for me but still is really relevant

Remus Lupin by Natello's Art

New Life/Resolution: Christopher now has a dog of his own, he gets to be with his mother, and he has changed himself. He is a more independent person and he is smarter. I feel this picture shows change in the form of bettering yourself.