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a black horse with long hair standing in a field of yellow wildflowers on a sunny day
I fell in love with this stunning and graceful breed.
three horses are running in the grass near some trees and bushes, with their hair blowing in the wind
Equine Photography by Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikołajek
a black horse with long hair standing in front of a wall
a black horse standing on top of a lush green field covered in purple flowers next to trees
Friesenhengst in der Heide
a close up of a black horse wearing a bridle and chain around it's neck
I just LOVE taking photos of this Friesian Stallion "HEDZER". 📷 Photo by ©StunningSteeds
a black horse is galloping in the air with its long hair blowing in the wind
PORTFOLIO Gallery - Cheri Prill
Wonderful action shot of a black Friesian (?) with wild eyes and tossing mane. A beauty.
a woman standing next to a black horse
Frederik The Great
a black horse with long hair running in the grass
a black horse is standing in the grass
We Heart It
a woman in red dress standing next to a brown horse with long hair on it's face
Is This The Most Beautiful Horse In The World?