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Bogi Plesovszki
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We should all make these lists of things that make our life good on a daily basis. And I think a fun Bass Clarinet solo not a fun Trumpet solo!

frederikkenortvig: Breakfast at Zara’s | via Tumblr on We Heart It

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"Everybody has got to take a road trip at least once in their lives... just you and some music." This is cute.

"everyone has to take a road trip at least once in their life. just you and the music"--- i want to do this. but maybe with a few friends.

"I try to paint the sound of the sea"

"I try to paint the sound of the sea", Maggi Hambling. The World's 12 Most Important Female Painters on…


“Pot Pourri” This melancholy 1897 painting by Herbert James Draper sums up how I’m feeling today.