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a table with a plant on it in front of a wall painting and two chairs
Luxury Hotel & Residences in Midtown NYC - Aman New York
a wine cooler in the middle of a room
6 Einrichtungsideen und Küchenbilder für moderne Holz-Küchen - Küchenfinder
the interior of a modern building with curved walls and concrete flooring is lit by white lighting
Fly Page丨飞行的书本,展开书店与城市的对话|空间|家装设计|峻佳设计KarvOne - 原创作品
black and white photograph of stairs leading up
Gallery of The Noble Simplicity of Peter Zumthor's Allmannajuvet Zinc Mine Museum - 18
an empty room with stairs and a wooden bowl on the floor in front of it
Christian Liaigre | 神话之巅的设计大师
an empty hallway with benches and tables in the center is lit by recessed lights
Christian Liaigre | 神话之巅的设计大师
two people are standing outside in front of a yellow building with open windows on the roof
OMA's KUBE is a compact, multi-functional installation on the hong kong waterfront
a man standing outside of a restaurant next to a building with a sign that says kube on it
Gallery of The Kube Installation / OMA - 3
the interior of a house with wooden flooring and large windows overlooking water is shown
Photo 9 of 10 in Follow Us to Japan, Australia, and Mexico to See Our…