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a rubber stamp with an image of a fox on it next to a handwritten note
©Lise vos stempel / fox stamp
Cat Stamps | Cat Stationery
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four rubber stamps sitting on top of a wooden table next to some woodworking tools
Lino cut prints by @flowerchildbazaar
Mushroom and plant lino prints
a stamp with a squirrel on it next to a piece of paper that has been carved into the shape of a squirrel
someone is opening up a box with paper mate on the outside and inside, while another person's hand reaches for it
a hand is holding a rubber stamp with an image of bacon on it and the words carving art into erasers
some crafting supplies are laying out on a table with scissors and other items to make music
Packaging, Typography Illustrations, and Typography image inspiration on Designspiration
let's make music #carving #ink #turntable #print #linoleum #graphic #block #illustration #vinyl #handmade #typography
three wooden animals are sitting next to a paintbrush and some other crafting supplies
A fox in two pieces Making some examples for the advanced workshop stamp making I’m hosting in Utrecht on March the 24 I still have some… | Instagram
an open notebook with letters and numbers written in blue ink on top of yellow paper
there is a piece of paper with the word it's here on it
It's Here!
two pieces of art that say thank you
block printed note cards (a quick how to}
two thank you cards and a pen on a table
Tumbling Through Type
Lino Block - Thank you. ~ Kyle Gallant