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This is a Puli. the Dreadlock Dog! My daughter, Kaitlyn, wants one of these or a Newfoundland! Mop Dog, Dog Cat, Hungarian Puli, Puli Dog, Komondor, Fangirl Problems, Dogs And Puppies, Doggies, Animales
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Owners who favor their dogs.me and puli Puli Dog Breed, Dog Breeds, Pumi Dog, Hungarian Puli, Komondor, Dog Varieties, Black And White Dog, Herding Dogs, Dog Art
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Clouseau - The Puli

Clouseau, my beloved Puli, was cooler than "Bob Marley" himself. After Gardenhoe posted a puppy Puli, I thought I'd add one of an adult Puli in full coat. Oh, this brings back a lot of touching memories. The breed is called Puli. It's a totally fascinating breed. At 13 months of age, the coat starts to cord (make dreadlocks) naturally and they then look like a mop, if you learn how to groom the coat. I owned Clouseau for 13 years, and my heart belongs to that breed forever. His spirit is…

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Animal Lovers... not me.

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Hungarian Puli Dog ~ front versus back -- look for the tongue Hungarian Puli, Mop Dog, All Dogs, Dogs 101, Puli Dog, Komondor, Goofy Dog, Herding Dogs, Dog Show
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Puli Coming & Going

Puli, the Micro Flying Mop Dog. Mop Dog, Hungarian Dog, Puli Dog, Komondor, Perfectly Timed Photos, Dog List, Tier Fotos, Dog Agility, Nature
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in search of this dog!

I watched the Westminster Dog Show the other night and fell head over heels in love with this dog! Its called a Puli. There is another dog out there that is similar in looks but much bigger call a Komondor. They look like mops! How cute is he? In researching this dog, I found that Mark Zuckerburg is also in search of both of these dogs! I think he has a little more money to spend than I do! Besides, I don't think my little Cairn Terrier, Cooper, would be happy with me if I brought this…

The Hungarian Puli dog - Tiere - Dogs Mop Dog, Dog Cat, Pet Puppy, Vizsla, All Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Doggies, Hungarian Puli, Puli Dog
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yanagiken: “ mizhallelujah: “ betrippn: “ dandeleijons: “ kickingshoes: “ smarterthanabat: “ Pulis jumping. They’re just so funny looking. ” oh my god it’s a flying mop reblogging in case of...

The Puli - A sheep herder and flock guardian, family pet and protector. Needs socialization and obedience training. Big Dogs, Small Dogs, Cute Dogs, Dogs And Puppies, Dog Lover Gifts, Dog Lovers, Puli Dog, Komondor, Herding Dogs

Puli dog... original function: Sheep herding. Colors: Solid black, rusty black, grey, white. Black is most common. The Puli originally was in a large and smaller size with the large version used to guard flocks of sheep and the smaller one to herd them. This dates to the ninth century Hungary and some of the dogs were even used as companions. Two small dogs, the Puli (Pulik is plural) and Tibetan Spaniel, two excellent sheepherders were able to turn a sheep by jumping on its’ back. The ...

favorite beach activity -- rolling in the sand at the high-tide line Hungarian Puli, Puli Dog, Komondor, Beach Activities, Herding Dogs, High Tide, Dog Show, Small Breed, Pictures Of You
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Ou puli on the beach

Puli. Puli Dog, Saarloos, Komondor, Herding Dogs, Australian Cattle Dog, Dog Show, Buffy, Shaggy, Group
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Puli, the Micro Flying Mop Dog. Mop Dog, Hungarian Dog, Puli Dog, Komondor, Perfectly Timed Photos, Dog List, Tier Fotos, Dog Agility, Nature
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buttemblem: “ HOVERING PULIS ”

ROYAL CANIN® specialises in highly tailored nutritional products for your cat or dogs needs. Search for your specific breeds nutritional requirements. Dog Lover Gifts, Dog Lovers, Hungarian Puli, Puli Dog, Saarloos, Komondor, Rare Dog Breeds, Herding Dogs, Australian Cattle Dog