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Dánielné Junászka

Dánielné Junászka
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Un panier tissé fabriqué avec un livre recyclé. Ce panier fabriqué avec un livre recyclé est créé avec le pliage et le raccordement de petits morceaux de papier.

A paper basket made from a recycled book. Small pieces of paper are folded and woven together to make this paper basket.

the daydream factory: FRANC GROM: EGG SHELL ART

Just to go along Easter holidays I am exposing Slovenian egg shell crafts master Franc Grom . His Easter eggs are called " Vrhniški pi.

carved egg - looks like whitework / cutwork embroidery - really beautiful!

carved egg - looks like whitework. Link to artist's website with many other eggs/techniques.

"A Lace Collage: [Franc] Grom created a unique design in each of the circles for an egg that represents many different ornate Slovene lace patterns." -- Click through for an astonishing forum post on eggs; decorated, as art, as architectural forms, more... As several commenters pointed out, "Eggsquisite!"

The Egg Artistry of Slovenian Artist Franc Grom: A Lace Collage. Grom created a…

Paula Hare: Eggs as art - Google Search - Google Search

Amazing patterns of artwork on eggshell, the origins of egg shell carving dates back to the century and the Ming Dynasty in China.