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Kinesio Tape is a special adhesive tape for athletes and patients rehabilitating from sports injuries and chronic medical conditions. Orthoco has been a proud dealer/distributor of Kinesio Tape and for the manufacturer, Kinesio USA, since

Do it yourself taping for shin pain

What are shin splints? As common of an injury as they are, shin splints still seem to be one of the most untreated and unheard of injury out there.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS) causes pain in the foot, ankle, and toes.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS) is known as a compression neuropathy (nerve disorder due to squeezing of the nerve) in the ankle and foot.

snapping hip syndrome treatment

snapping hip syndrome/hip instability related to tendon/ligamentous dysfunction treatment and prolotherapy

Taping your knee correctly to reduce pain prevent injuries #Knee #Ktape #KinesiologyTapeCommunity

Complete selection of kinesiology taping information and products for knee pain, patellar tendinitis, arthritis, meniscus injuries, runners knee and more.