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Old Man Of the Mountain, New Hampshire      The old man lost his fell off a few years ago! So sad!

Old Man Of the Mountain, Cannon Mountain in Franconia (White Mountains), NH. The first recorded mention of the Old Man was in Sadly, this landmark collapsed in May


My name is Hannah 26 artist redhead, wood nymph, cat momma and all around animal lover. I post things relevant to myself and my likes. I do not claim these photos as my own unless stated otherwise.

Delightful Cloud Patterns in the Sky

You alone are Jehovah; you made the heavens, yes Jehovah is great and most worthy of praise. He is more awe-inspiring than all other gods. All the gods of the peoples are worthless gods, But Jehovah is the one who made the heavens.


Aurora Borealis in Kitdalen, Norway. Canon camera, Nikon mm lens at 14 mm and f sec exposure, ISO Hope you enjoy! by Wayne Pinkston . Aurora boreali on night sky multicolor

Sweet potato dog treats and recipes for icing dog treats #dog #treats #food #dublindog

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