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One of my favorite discoveries at WorldMarket.com: World Clock -- Jeremy will like this one b/c it has an edge!  and a great map =)

With a faded look for a rustic, antique feel reminiscent of premier parchment paper, our unique World Clock has been carefully constructed to display a chic allure along with the right minute and hour. It's the perfect blend of utility and style.

Any stairway that beacons your heart, should always be followed if intuition couples the desire of the heart. Trial and error: Only way to hone this instinct to its maximum potential. Risk. Fail. And you will gain.

I’m not even going to finish the cliché title. We’ve been getting some beautiful stormy weather this week and today I took advantage of the gorgeous skies. Specs: This was shot with my Infrared converted Nikon + lens @ ISO of a sec.