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OECD (@OECD) | Twitter #Trust in government: does it differ by age? On #YouthDay, compare countries & read about youth engagement in #MENA

Youth in the MENA region are facing various challenges, such as high youth unemployment, low levels of trust in government and restricted access to quality public services.

Infographie : Vision du Futur en Chine pour le Train à Haute Vitesse – Infographic: China's High-Speed Rail Vision _ #Maps #Cartes #Train #TGV

dadatavis: “ INFOGRAPHIC: China’s high-speed rail vision China is proposing five high-speed international railway networks that would ultimately connect the UK at one end, America at another and.

Magyar eleterzes_ plakát 06

propaganda demagogia in kommunist era in hungary

World Energy Consumption and Production

Based on data obtained from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Science Omega details the major global players in terms. "World Energy" -


Magyar plakátok a II.

Káromkodás - Koppány - 1942.

propaganda in Hungary Káromkodás - Koppány -

50 Powerful Examples Of Visual Propaganda And The Meanings Behind Them – Design School

Buy War Bonds before it's TOO LATE!" ~ WWII era poster of an American child wearing a cap with a Nazi insignia - Propaganda