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A propaganda poster that uses only three colours. Once again there is a message printed clearly. The background is very plain and has a black boarder.

Let me show you how democracy works.

Káromkodás - Koppány - 1942.

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50 Powerful Examples Of Visual Propaganda And The Meanings Behind Them – Design School

50 powerful examples of visual propaganda and the meanings behind them

Inside, we look at 50 examples of visual propaganda throughout the years and what elements of design made it effective during that time.

German WW2 anti-communist: "Bolshevism Unmasked"  *Actually, this is an anti-Communist poster of Nazi Germany, but I still like it anyway.

German WW2 anti-communist: "Bolshevism Unmasked"

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Magyar eleterzes_ plakát 06

Magyar életérzés az ’50-es években

Magyar plakátok a II. világháborúból

Magyar feltámadás, harcoló honvédek, leventemozgalom, bolsevik veszély, légoltalom és hungarizmus. A...

Biró Mihály, 1913


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