Dániel Szarvas

Dániel Szarvas

AMI NEKEM ZENE: Hazai muzsika: -Aetrigan -Az Utolsó Tündéremese -Billog -Blind Myself -Bloom Is Off The Rose -Brainlust -Bridge To Solace
Dániel Szarvas
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Detective Comics 222 Batman Comic Cover hi-res

First off: The image of Batman in a purple blazer and green tie is the kind of thing you simply can't un-see. Second: How on earth does this whole "making a full-size Batmobile from a tiny toy model" plan work? Do you drop it in water and let it expand?

Batman Knightfall poster by Kelley Jones

One of the most memorable Batman covers ever. Bane is by far my favorite comic villain overall.

The Killing Joke

The Killing Joke// Every time I see this picture I want to pin it. I have never read the killing joke and never will because of what happens to Barbara (although I am curious to read the rest of the story.