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Science | Ms. Jennifer Lewis

Mad Science Fair fabric by alyssa_nassner on Spoonflower - custom fabric WINNER - NUMBER 1 of the Science Fair Design Contest!

2011 Normal vs. Correction Shell "Pi Paradox" for 1-270 AMUs

Normal vs Correction Shell "Pi Paradox" for AMUs, by Bill Harrington

Muller's Tree System

Müller produced a Periodic Table based on Darwin's tree of life

Pauling Spheron - Periodic Table of the Elements - Portal

Pauling Spheron - Periodic Table of the Elements - Portal

walter russell 9 octaves of chemical elements - Google Search

Walter Russell - Periodic Table of the Elements, consisting of 9 Octaves, showing 2 dimensional representation of a 3 dimensional concept of a 4 dimensional Reality, “The Universal One”,

Human Microbiome infograph - Microbes can be good! So many are essential for our body to function properly and in order to have good health. We would not exist without them.

The human microbiome, the collection of trillions of microbes living in and on the human body, is not random, and scientists believe that it plays a role in many basic life processes. As science continues to explore and better .