I am going to paint this with the lady on the bottom as a fairy standing on a rock in the ocean and the lady on the top with as a mermaid leaving a trail of bubbles in her wake as she vaults over the fairy back into the sea.

Circus Performer

Vintage Photograph Circus Black and White Trapeze Artist Woman Victorian images-art-photography-painting-drawing

putting on a crinoline, ca. 1860.

A caricature sequence of posed joke photographs showing five stages of putting on a crinoline, ca. I've always wanted to wear a hoop skirt!

Levitation | light worker | magic | gifted | floating | cure | resting | magician | suspended |

A group of magicians operate this carnival. The illusions. Are not illusions at all.

Belgian autochrome, 1912

Margaret was the Daisy Queen and her twin was Queen Buttercup (Autochrome: Alfonse Van Besten Young girl amidst marguerites

~thinking of you.

Old Photo - Smokey Lady with her Dream Man

Can't help but think "how young! She looks" From Graphics Fairy-- great site with free clip art and images:: "This is an interesting Old Photo Postcard of a Glamorous Woman. The woman is smoking and dreaming about her dream man"

art nouveau

Photograph of an Art Noveau Fairy Queen - by F. Künzl, České Budějovice/Budweis (Bohemia, Czechia), ca.

Vintage Photography: Vaslav Nijinski & Tamara Karsavina in Le Spectre de la Rose 1911

Vintage Photography: Vaslav Nijinski & Tamara Karsavina in Le Spectre de la…

Huh? Vintage gas mask with pigs?

"The chocolate donut" - Fred Einaudi, oil on canvas (seated woman wearing gas mask with chained pigs and pigeon painting)

Taking flight

early flight: Demonstration with Mme. Alberti's flying contraption (photo curated at Boston Public Library); 1931 photo by Leslie Jones