Yushikura Chizaru

Yushikura Chizaru

Yushikura Chizaru
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Aaawwwwww so cute

Not a very big fan of yaoi, but this piece moght aswell combine south east asian folklore about human-bird hybrids (Eren) and european ones (Levi)


Eren get your crap together your dead mother raised you better than this<<I laughed the cried then laughed again.

Ereri Lena

An insider interview with the artist Lena reveals that Eren's tattoo reads "IT'S MALE TIME" with his ding-a-ling featured as the special mail delivery. You're most certainly welcome for uncovering that sweet gem. Also Levi's thigh tattoo says Ereri.

Hah I look like Patrick stump

Eren Sorta looks like Patrick Stump.o ^^ I second the original person who posted this! He does look like Patrick Stump, looks just as cute as well :)

I hate that i love this art because i hate Eren

i heard that this birthday boy has an eight-pack, that he’s shredded happy birthday eren bby may isayama finally give you a beach chapter/episode