László Ungvári

László Ungvári

László Ungvári
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Chiaroscuro -use of contrast between light and dark- photography

haunting low light coming from the models lower right corner intensifies the shape of her collarbone, neck features, and jaw line. The stark contrast of light and dark and angle of light creates a gloomy mood.

Vilas Kulkarni

Vilas Kulkarni Lovely colors in the shadows. That telephone pole has wires coming from everywhere!

Ballet Art Print

A beautiful drawing by the one and only, based off a post I made a few weeks ago as an early b-day gift. Much love to you big bro

Black and White Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas

If you wish to turn your fiancé's head with a collection of tasteful boudoir photos then use the mystical charm of black and white photography.

Photography - Tapiture

Sensexual Defined: A combination of sensual(passionately gratifying) and sexual(intimately sexy), creating an extremely pleasurable and highly satisfying word. I'm simple and sensually sexual.