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an orange truck parked next to a pile of wood
two different colored vehicles side by side
the front and back view of a white truck
an image of a jeep with the number 78 on it's front and side
GAZ-52 custom project for rally raid "Siberian Express", Andrey Tkachenko
two different views of the same vehicle, one in grey and one in olive green
the front and side view of a red truck
the front and back view of an orange truck
the front and back view of an orange car
two different colored cars side by side, one red and the other yellow in color
a purple suv is driving down the road in front of an orange and pink sunset
Niva city 4x4 Car
a black truck parked next to another blue car
a black truck driving down a curvy road with the sun setting in the background
Niva city 4x4 Car
the back end of a black truck parked in front of a building on snow covered ground