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Bishop W F Houston on Twitter

“Beloved, can't get any plainer than this. Wake -up!!! We are living in the last days NOW.”

The Controversial Graphic That Is Popping Up Everywhere | MoveOn.Org | Democracy In Action

Sorry, but Obama's election didn't mean the end of racism in America.

Surviving The End Days - Surving The End Days

Nathan Shepard is a Bible scholar. His spine chilling theory links present times events to Bible prophecies and foretells a very sinister future. \n

25 Scariest Documents to have ever been Declassified | Fact Republic

01. In 1954, there was a proposal for SUNDIAL bomb. Its explosive yield was proposed to be 10 gigatons. The largest bomb ever detonated, the Tsar Bomba had a maximum theoretical yield of 100 megatons. SUNDIAL was 100x more powerful and could scorch an area the size of France or Texas.

List Of FEMA Camps, Underground Bases, HAARP Locations And Maps (Video) | Alternative | Before It's News

Below are PDF compilations of all the FEMA Camp facilities that I could find. Some of you may already have them, but I usually update and post them every 6 months for those who may not have them or are new to the site. Also, the camps that were listed

How God Saves Us

In the days before the Flood of Noah, God warned the world's vast civilization that judgment would come within 120 years. (Genesis 6:3, 5-7). Noah and his three sons--all of whom knew and followed Yahweh--were asked to build a great boat by means of which men and animals could be saved from a great…

Did a WTC Leaseholder Buy Terrorism Insurance Just Before 9/11?

A longstanding urban legend holds that WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein "fortuitously" took out terrorism insurance just months before the 9/11 attacks.

Bible Questions and Answers | JW.ORG

Accurate answers to Bible questions. What the Bible says about God, Jesus, prayer, family, suffering, celebrations, life, death.

End Time Signs are Here Now!

Commentary by: Gordon King Hello folks, I pray that all are well and covered by the blood of Jesus! Amen The time is short and we are living in the end times. I have been appointed as a "watchman" by God. He has given me the command to watch for the signs of the times…

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22 Nov 2014: Georgia Guidestones 666 Time-Cube, Smashed To Represent Future Mecca Kaaba & Clock Tower Attack!

ABOVE: Reproduction of the markings on a 6 inch x 6 inch x 6 inch granite cube of masonry, inserted into a special North-East Cornerstone slot at the Georgia Guidestones, and ceremonially smashed w…