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In Illuminati theory, the number of the beast represents the Anti-Christ who would use the Illuminati to bring forth the New World Order.

High School....

skeleton_sharpie Drawing in the dark spaces.Our final project my senior year was of a skeleton with one, strong, light source. It was probably my best drawing prior to attending art school at VCU.

Fashion and Action: Together Forever - Gender Bender Jack & Sally by NoFlutter

This needs to be turned into a cosplay! Tim Burton genderbent Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I know, not Night Vale or Creepypasta, but Burton is close enough XD

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Zombie makeup idea...woooow!

Halloween is getting closer and closer, do you know what you are going to dress up as? If the answer to that last question was “no” you should really check out this gallery of Halloween makeup. The talented people behind. [ read more ]