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How to Clean a Disgusting Bathtub Using Household Items!
a list with the words 10 reflective questions for the new year on it and an image of
New Year Reflection Questions (and personal reflections on 2017) - Hey There, Chelsie
a poster with the words and numbers on it
12 Principles of Agile Digital Download, Poster Design, UX/UI Design, Agile Manifesto, Hand Lettering - Etsy
a bulletin board with sticky notes attached to it
On Using Personal Kanban to Organize Your Work (and Life!)
On Using Personal Kanban to Organize Your Work (and Life!) – Tamara Hala
hand lettering with markers and crayons on top of paper next to watercolor pencils
Hand Lettering Kit
Experience our award-winning “workshop in a box”! Geared toward beginners, this adorable kit includes everything you need to get started. DIY Kits! Kit Includes: - Instruction Book - Practice Alphabets - Pocket Sketchbook - Drawing Pad - Artist Paper - Watercolor Set - Pencil Sharpener - Chalk - Chalkboard (5" x 7") - Black Micron Pen - White Hand Lettering Pen - Pencil + Eraser - Project Guide + Paper Supplies for Projects Artist: Wildflower Art Studio
the top ten organization ideas you'll wish you knew
10 Best Paper Clutter Organization Hacks - Craftsonfire
These Paper Clutter Storage Ideas works wonders! So many fantastic ways to organize paper and get rid of clutter the easy way. Definitely going to be trying the drop box and filing system soon.
an office desk with a phone, pen holder and plant
Cubicles Suck... A Makeover
Cubicle Organization Idea: Use a shelf to maximize the vertical space on your office desk and to keep small office supplies organized!
an organized desk space with the words making the most of your small desk space on it
making the most of your small desk space • notice the LITTLE things
when we looked at our house for the first time, i remember thinking, "oh good. a desk in the kitchen." i am still happy about it but oh my goodness it gets messy! part of the problem is it's size. it's tiny. and the kids are constantly in and out of it. i needed some small space solutions and something that would make me happy when i passed by. looking to make the most out of your small desk space? check out my before and after here.
two children's desks with chairs and bookshelves
Kid’s Study Space
Give kids everything they need for a remote learning routine with a designated homework station.