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Erzsebet Domokos

Erzsebet Domokos
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Ham and Celery Loaf...eewwww!! What was the deal with all these nasty gelatin recipes in the 60's?!

Ham and celery loaf: lime jello, vinegar, salt, ham, celery onion and sweet pickles. Oh my heck.


Shrimp, peas, sliced hard-boiled eggs, suspended in Jell-O, wiggling on your fork for that much anticipated first bite.

Vegetable Mold...I really don't know what to say…a range of emotions pop up. Fear, a sense of wonder, a sense of dread, a sense of…who designed this and most of all…a sense of I think I might be getting sick.

Picture some housewife patiently arranging every single vegetable in this thing. Now picture her dinner guests when she presents this to them.