How to look adorable as hell to kill fangirls in four frames: by Zhang Yixing.

And here we have Yixing the man with the cutest dimples on earth.


I thought we were good . what happened ?♥♥♥♥ laaayyyy you sexy sweet unicorn

#HappyBirthdayLay #LayTurns24

Happy little angel Lay And Lay's my bias (but all the EXO members are perfect ;) so if I spam a bunch of Lay stuff you know whyyyy

Lay lol, and suho be like 'wut'

lil lamb lay ❤️ i hope that all the issues get sorted out soon and u can come back ^.

OH MY GOD, Yixing you are perfect <3

Lay’s Studio Weibo Update “One Person” is online, are you listening? starting today, use the hashtag person listening to zhang yixing# yixing ex files

Lay in EXO Next Door

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