Donatella Pócza

Donatella Pócza

Kedves, szerető, érzékeny lány vagyok, de ha átversz letépem a fejed és jeltelen sírba gördítem a hullád. <3
Donatella Pócza
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Légy rendezett! - Let's get organized!

Tips & Tricks To Make Life Easier! Easy post it note school planning system. I really like the idea of color coding all the children's supplies

Öltöző dekorációs tippek - Locker decoration tips

Keep your locker organized in school << HA I wish my locker looked like that! For E as she moves to middle school and gets her first locker - she's such a neat freak - she'll love this!

Tolltartó - Pencil case

The *Better Together Note Pouch is a very cute and well made note pouch. The Better Together Note Pouch is designed to store sized items (you can store up to 200 or Letter sized paper in two folders on the right side.) The Better Toge.


Steps to update Sprint Samsung Galaxy to Android . Instruction to install on Sprint Samsung Galaxy