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♥ i know this all too well. You hurt me...n it really hurt. I would never replace u. I thought we meant something. Boy was i wrong. I still love u. I need to move on u make it seem like im the one thats responsible. If u cared at all u would make some kind of effort to at least call. I know u have another entrrtainment. I am not bothered by this. She is nothing compared to me. If u want less than what u deserve go ahead. I thought you had class. I wish u the best.she doesnt respect u n first…

I bear the hurt and even the forgiveness; question is, do you feel the pain and the price? [QUOTE, Hurt: 'Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person you thought would never hurt you.

Most of all, I'm sorry I let you in.

I would change this: I am not sorry for caring, for trying, or for any of it at all; although, now that I sit back and think about it, I am sorry it took all of this for me to learn such a large lesson.

Lovely Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes picture 4

Details: shadow couture palette for the eyes. perfect black eyeliner on the bottom. lashes in Glamaholic.