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Tips to Increase Your Vertical Jump - TIPSÖGRAPHIC

Get the facts and tips on exercises that will help increase your vertical jump. Get the best tips on how to increase your vertical jump here:

Detecting a poisonous snake by scales, eyes, nostrils, under tail... Idk how accurate this is, but im not sure I want to be close enough to the snake in question to determine whether or not its poisonous

Poisonous / Non-poisonous traits:Snakes. Hope I never have to get close enough to see a snake's eyes! But this is good to know, if I ever do.

How To Spot A Trained Fighter by PhiTuS

More tips on how to make your character look like a trained fighter. - The first one is debatable. I'm not implying that every trained fighter does exac. How To Spot A Trained Fighter