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a sign that says live love zokui on top of a wooden floor next to a pair of shoes
And that's my motto!
a woman dressed as catwoman holding two fingers up
a living room filled with furniture and a fire hydrant in the middle of it
WandaVision Lockscreens
a person standing in front of a white couch with red streaks on it's back
a digital painting of a man in armor holding a glowing object with his hands and looking at the camera
Chaos magic
#loki #lokilaufeyson #marvel
the witch tarot card with an image of a woman in red
a man in a tuxedo and sunglasses standing next to a shadow on the wall
Loki 5k
an abstract painting with lots of different colors and lines on the bottom half of it
the title for i am not okay, written in green and black on a black background
Drawing of the hands of Scarlet Witch (or Wanda Maximoff) made with procreate. Tattoo, Marvel Tattoos, Scarlet Witch Marvel, Marvel Paintings, Witch Tattoo
hands of Scarlet Witch (or Wanda Maximoff)
the logo for my little loki is in green and yellow
two people with matching tattoos on their arms, both have crossed swords tattooed on them
Wanda and Sylvie Tattoos. I just got my first ink this weekend and wanted to share them with ya’ll!