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15 Majestic Mythical Creatures Up For Adoption

Even forest spirits and baby dragons need a forever home. Sculptor and child prodigy Wood Splitter Lee has been creating life-like animal replicas since she was Now a young adult, she focuses on fully posable fantastical animals.

Book - 1898 The first link I tried didn't work but I was able to find the book online as a PDF via the Internet Archive page. LOVE IT!!!

or, Mundane, sub-mundane and super-mundane spiritism. A treatise in three parts and twenty-three sections. New York 1876 - you can read this book on this site and it's AMAZING.

Horns by Angelina Belle Bergenwall. Lots of interesting stuff in her photostream.

My horns were not allowed to grow. They were constantly shaven down, as someone once told me, "if you have horns, where will your halo sit?"-Nyoki Horns by Angelina Belle Bergenwall.

Tiaras on horses  Just in case I have a daughter  In case my daughter loves unicorns

Unicorn The unicorn is a symbol of innocence,magic and love. The unicorn is a magical creature also associated with spring! It is said the unicorn horn can de toxify poison _______AWESOME🎉