Dorka Hood
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Emily Johnson

Just simply curl your hair in parts lightly then spray it with hair spray and wala

Ashton Irwin

This picture 💜

Michael Clifford

"Hey I'm michael. I'm 19 and single. I love music and I'm in the band I love pizza and video games."<<"Hey I'm your future wife. I'm 13 and single. I love music too and I love the band I love pizza and video games too.

Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings and his perfect face and the lip ring

Calum Hood

5 Seconds of Summer Calum Hood Might Have A Girlfriend & Fans React On…

Niall Horan

Find my story on Wattpad! Our Love // Niall Horan. My first story so leave comments about how I can make it better!

liam payne

My hot batman

Louis Tomlinson

Tommo scruff is life.

Harry Styles

i consider myself to be a very mature young adult but show me a picture of harry styles and i go into immediate 14 year old girl mode HIS ARM!

Bonnie Sandén

We're channeling our inner Ginger Spice for this one! One of our favorite hair trends of 2014 is Spicy Ginger! I'd almost be convinced to switch to ginger!