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Ranunculus, these are my dream wedding flowers. These are the perfect colors for bridesmaids and all white for the bride! Add in a little babys breath and you have perfectly beautiful and simple bouquets!

Saucer Magnolia

Fond memories - My MeMe had a Japanese Magnolia tree in her front yard. I promice myself this springs I am planting Lady Magnolia Tree just like this one !

Mushroom Bruschetta Recipe

Easy Tuscan Mushroom Bruschetta Recipe - We tried and loved at Amanda's

Mushroom Overload Egg White Omelet

Phase 2 Mushroom Overload Egg White Omelet - that's 5 ounces EACH of shiitake and oyster mushrooms (we had to convert from grams -- the recipe's Canadian) -- definitely enough for with 6 egg whites! Cook in a nonstick skillet without oil for Phase

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Rice Dinner: Cook rice in chicken stock. Saute sliced mushrooms in butter or olive oil. Toss mushrooms with rice and a little grated cheese.

Mushroom Skewers

marinated & grilled mushroom skewers- Brush baby portobellos with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and dried oregano.


Pizzadillas - healthy pizza (um why I have i NEVER thought of this! The kids LOVED that they could make their own personal pizza, I used low carb tortillas

pink roses and hydrangea

pink roses and hydrangea Beautiful! But for party would be pretty with peach and yellow roses with white hydrangeas?

Roses floating in a pool. would be nice for a wedding or party at a home where there was a pool

nice chair

*Suggested ideas for Courtney and Jerry's potential outdoor wedding. *Coral bouquet with rustic flair; floral bouquets for ceremony (same color scheme for reception).

#wine room - great floor and tasting table - Every #home should have a wine room with the #rustic feeling!

2010 A-List Award Winner - contemporary - wine cellar - new york - Blansfield Builders, Inc.