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This is what happens when you are in this fandom :)

You know, someday I am going to be living in an apartment with my best friend and stumble upon a can of yellow spray paint. She's going to wake up the next morning and there will be a yellow smiley face on the wall.

February 24th, 2011. ‘For Sale: Mycroft Holmes. Tall, fat, and annoying. Must go…

February ‘For Sale: Mycroft Holmes. Tall, fat and annoying. Call for details. gif set<< included with Mycroft comes: two working suits, a workout jumpsuit, and a trusty umbrella!

The "Sherlock" Season 3 Finale Caused Tumblr To Self-Destruct

Acts tells us that after the resurrection there was a period of forty days in which the risen Jesus appeared to His disciples. What does the Bible tell us that Jesus did in those 40 days?

Not my division. This is beautiful.

"Thats it, the Sherlock fandom has escaped their cages." I love my fandom.<<<"that's it, the Sherlock fandom has escaped their cages"? Someone help me figure out what the hell that means<<<Not our division.