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six carved blocks with spiral designs on them
Art : Die / Dice 💕👣💋Follow FOSTERGINGER@ PINTEREST for more pins like this. 💋👣NO PIN LIMITS. 💋👣Thanks to my 22,000 Followers.💋👣 Follow me on INSTAGRAM @ ART_TEXAS 💋👣 Art_Texas At Instagram And Fosterginger75 At Instagram.
a wooden object with black dots on it sitting on a table next to a gray background
Rolling Log Dice (1800 to 1900 Europe)
two fish shaped knives sitting next to each other
an apple shaped box with money in it
a candle with spikes on it sitting in front of a white background
two black candles sitting next to each other on top of a white table with long shadows
Art | Objects | Ceramics | From Earth
a black candle holder with two candles in it on a wooden floor next to a white wall
cleo sjolander
six white dices with black dots on them
a vase filled with lots of black and gold flowers
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