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an advertisement for a chair and table with the words basket on it's back
Max Huber, Basket 1951
Max Huber, Basket chair 1951
an advertisement for charles and ray eames's exhibition at the museum of modern art
Design Inspiration - Eames Poster Series - http://bit.ly/2UTCEwU
an advertisement for the italian food company barella, featuring a chicken with eggs on it's back
Erberto Carboni, early 1950s
Erberto Carboni gor Barilla early 1950s
an old movie poster for the film cassblanca, starring actors from two different countries
Casablanca (C.F.R., R-1950s). French Poster (10" X 25.75").. ... | Lot #86095 | Heritage Auctions
Casablanca (C.F.R., R-1950s). French Poster (10" X 25.75").. ... | Lot #86095 | Heritage Auctions
an advertisement for chairs and tables with the words new designs 1934 heal's on it
Heals celebrates 200 years! - Pippa Jameson Interiors
an advertisement for omo ad featuring a woman in a red dress with her hands up
Omo 1950s Uk Washing Powder Housewives Poster by The Advertising Archives
an advertisement for a contemporary furniture store featuring chairs and a table in front of a crib
Posters for Heal's Mansard Gallery
Heals contemporary furniture 1950s poster
an advertisement for the life of the party with a woman holding a microphone in her hand
1950s Vintage Ad for Tootsie Roll - The LIFE of the Party (1950)