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Bilbo Baggins, Chibi Smaug and Thorin Oakenshield - Fanart print - The Hobbit by BlacksSideShow on Etsy

Thorin: "That's not what you were supposed to steal!" Bilbo: "Well what was a supposed to steal then?" Thorin:"The. Gold" Bilbo: "There's a BIZILLION pi. Hobbit - Bilbo the Dragon Burglar

@RCArmitage Spectacular actor and the best king under the mountain! <3  #Thorin #TheHobbit

Never hated Thorin. He has a temper, yes, but if you read The Hobbit carefully, you will see that Thorin was more reasonable than he was portrayed as in the last movie. In fact, Bard seemed to be itching for a fight in the book.

they are the strongest help in your struggling time also do good for others

Because that’s what a gentleman does…

Because that’s what a gentleman does…. ((I love so much the idea that Sam would do this for Rei with her faded, pinkish hair and punk clothes))