Puglia, Italy

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a woman sitting at a table looking out to the ocean
a man standing in front of a bar filled with bottles and glasses
super mago del gelo
an old car is parked on the street in front of some buildings and people walking around
wedding car
a blue room with a cross and window
Tops, Fashion, Women, Strapless, Strapless Top
several people are sitting on the steps near a parked motorbike in front of a door
italians in bari
the building is yellow and pink with white trim on it's windows, along with trees and bushes
an island with buildings and flowers in the foreground
people are swimming in the ocean near some rocks
an archway leading to the ocean with people walking on it and some cliffs in the background
an alley way with potted plants and flowers on either side, surrounded by white buildings
an old stone building with two wooden doors and numbers on the front door is shown
four glasses filled with liquid sitting on top of a marble counter next to a blue wall
amaretto and cream
Super Mago del Gelo’s special coffee in Polignano a Mare
a tall palm tree sitting under a blue sky
the sun is setting over the ocean and it looks like it's going down