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The vasa recta form a countercurrent exchange system that gives up salt and absorbs water in the cortex and the medulla. It enables the vasa recta to remove water from the medulla without subtracting from its osmotic gradient. This photo provides an overview of reabsorption and secretion in different parts of the nephron tube.
coffee-and-tea-studying: “5/100 days of productivity :: woooheeee, have I been absent! im so sorry for the lack of original posts on here, so to make up for it I decided to post these module summary...
The Liver Poster


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Diagramme de conversion de la mole
oxidation reduction
Glow in the dark Lewis Dot Diagrams. Senior Chemistry


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The Complete Guide to Memory | Scott H Young
The Spacing Effect
Learning and Brain Functions | Brain Functions


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This video walks you through the aromatic side chain oxidation reaction where any alkyl chain attached to benzene is oxidized to a carboxylic acid.
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Physics Notes, Lecture 7, MCAT Prep (7/12/2015). ... - Notes Aesthetic


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Atp cycle


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arginine protonated +2 form
arginine zwitterion amino acid structure
aminacid.gif (738×868)

Amino Acids

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