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Relationship status: sleeping in my bed diagonally

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I was told I was dangerous. I asked why, and their response was, "because you don't depend on anyone." And I smiled. Strong, independent woman quote More

Give a man a mask and he'll become his true self #joker #batman The scary truth.

Give me a mask imma star killing MFS!

Prioritization Of Self - https://themindsjournal.com/prioritization-of-self/

Prioritization Of Self - The Minds Journal

Perspective. Clothes or not, allow the rain to grace your flesh to absorb the drops of renewal <3

Clothes or not, allow the rain to grace your flesh to absorb the drops of renewal

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Trecho do poema The laughing heart, de Charles Bukowski.

charles bukowski quotes | Charles Bukowski Interview in Life Magazine... - The Quietest & Most ...

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Henry Charles Bukowski is an American poet. If you're looking for words of wisdom, here's a collection of Charles Bukowski quotes.

Well, when you put it like this. It makes my life seem really sh*tty.

Charles Bukowski Quotes About Love | ... never been alone"- Charles Bukowski - Quotes Pictures updated daily

ve never been alone quot Charles Bukowski The best quotes sayings

This couldnt be more real....Charles Bukowski - Women; about relationships. / relationship quotes / end of relationships / breaking up / strange

Human relationships quote by Charles Bukowski