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10 Steps to Setting Healthy Boundaries. Knowing, who you are, what you stand for & what you believe in is part of healthy mind wellbeing. From these values & beliefs, come healthy boundaries. Set your boundaries,  and be aware when people try to cross them. And most important of all learn to say "No".

10 Steps to Setting Boundaries. Struggle with boundaries? out & set your boundaries early. Get clear on your values. Get clear on what fills you up and what sucks the energy right out of you.

Codependents often lack boundaries allowing people to walk all over them. Set healthy boundaries.

On setting boundaries… I tend to feel guilty about hurting people’s feelings, but everyone deserves to feel love and respected, including oneself. There’s a lot of good bits in here. I love this set

Benjamin Hardy is an expert when it comes to what makes entrepreneurs tick and what separates them from penniless dullards like the rest of us. But rather than just presenting the differences and making us feel like crap, he devises tips to help motivated individuals achieve the same level of…

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"Science of Attraction: 9 Ways We Measure Attractiveness"

Psychology infographic and charts Science of Attraction: 9 Ways We Measure Attractiveness Infographic Description The Science of Attraction. The 9 ways the sub-conscious measures attractiveness.