she got a bit excited about the blood moon.


Sun Titan - Revised by on @DeviantArt

the previous version was a bit too plain, now we have nice clouds and doves just like the original art has Sun Titan - Revised

Grave Titan - pink or whatever version

Olivia Voldaren - Revised by on @DeviantArt

she needed a new haircut and some decent background so she went to the hairdresser and met a well-known interior designer Olivia Voldaren - Revised

Batterskull by on @DeviantArt

Batterskull by on @DeviantArt

Garruk Primal Hunter by on @DeviantArt

Garruk Primal Hunter by on @DeviantArt

Archangel of Thune chanting by on @DeviantArt

its tough job to be an archangel. you always have to be ready for putting counters on fellow creatures. pencil, pastels, photoshop Archangel of Thune chanting

Oracle of Mul Daya by on @DeviantArt

revised version i redrew the whole character from the start, only the legs are the same and the pastel background (with different approach) Oracle of Mul Daya

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