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All the lights in my house are controllable through SmartThings, but not all of them are wired up to wall switches. I do have a bunch of floor and table lamps, which are hooked up to GE receptacles and plug-in lamp modul…

ESP8266 WiFi thermostat

Tutorial how to build WiFi touch screen thermostat with Arduino Mega 2560 and TFT LCD.

Internet of Things Camera -

Here's our Arduino based “Internet of Things” camera. It's a simple remote monitoring using the Eye-Fi wireless SD card and Adafruit Data Logging Shield for Arduino. The Eye-Fi card is a tiny wirel.



Programming ESP8266 with Arduino IDE | Easy Connection and programming - YouTube

Cheap and Easy WiFi (IoT) Tutorial Part 1 - Setup/Intro - Internet Of Things

ESP8266 OTA Example Arduino Code Tutorial | Over The Air Update

There are simple six steps involved in OTA of Connect to Arduino IDE using USB or Serial Upload OTA code Connect to wifi

SquixTechBlog: ESP8266 Projects: Internet Connected WeatherStation with beautiful icons

Do you know these wonderfully cheap based OLED displays with the crispy display? For a while now the NodeMCU Lua firmware for the supports them and has a rich feature set to draw lines, circles and even bitmaps. One way to draw bitmaps

Raspberry Pi Point & Shoot Camera | Make:

Raspberry Pi - Point Shoot Camera with screen

Read 50 of the most important Raspberry Pi Senors and Components

Temperature & humidity sensors - motion sensors - navigation modules - radio / infrared - analogue sensors + many more Raspberry Pi sensors and components.

[ Play Video ]Welcome to my new Weather Widget Project.A weather widget is a application that can be downloaded on your PC, laptop or a mobile device and perform the job of providing easy access to weather information.But I was always trying to make something different.So I go through the internet to get some ideas.After few days of my work, finally I made it.I am sharing this so that any one can make it easily.This is an ESP8266 based Weather Display unit which retrieve localized weather…

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