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several children in blue dresses are standing near a sign with yellow and blue balloons hanging from it
Meu alvo é o céu
four stickers with different words on them
Painel Jesus é a luz. Decoração na igreja. Culto infantil Decorative Lights, Kids Church Decor, Church Altar Decorations, Altar Decorations, Light Of The World, Kids Church, Church Decor, Light Decorations, Ideas Para
Jesus a luz do mundo
Decoração na igreja, festa infantil
an advertisement for the spanish language children's festival, called culto infanti
Culto Infantil
there is a sign that says temp de ser changea on the wall in front of some red chairs
a brightly colored play house with flowers painted on it's sides and the door open
Teatro de titeres
Caja de carton vieja.
a large clock with many different street signs on it's sides and the words tempo de ser crianca written in spanish
a clock that is on the ground with some decorations around it and words written in different languages
a table that has some blocks on it with balloons in the background and other decorations
Tempo pra tudo