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Не грусти (светло-серый) – купить в интернет-магазине на Ярмарке Мастеров с доставкой


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A handmade felt brooch with embroidered daisies with sequin detail


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"Vintage Needlepoint hand stitched with swirls of green embroidery threads forming stems for colorful flowers. \"Bless This House\" in a lovely deep red on white cotton needlepoint fabric. The needlepoint is not professionally framed, the carved wood frame is from a much older time and shows some chippy finish with rusty nails and an old string to hang, the backing is cardboard. The Antique frame does complement the motto and goes well with a Farmhouse or country decor. Glass is in good vintage

Counted Cross

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樋口愉美子さんの本から刺繍したポーチを作りました♪ ざっくりリネンに種の模様です。 タッセルは5番の刺繍糸🧵 小さな物ですが色々作って、手芸を楽しんでいます🥰 #刺繍 #樋口愉美子 #樋口愉美子のステッチ12か月 #種の模様 #手芸好きな人と繋がりたい


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Not only does the process of making pysanky eggs interest me, so does the symbolism. I used some of these symbols on ones I have made before. My favorite is the ladder (prosperity) and the rose (love and caring).
Latvian band designs   What a great site!  Information about Latvian costumes, embroidery, etc.
Gallery.ru / Фото #187 - ыв - Elochka112


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Well, after considerable rummaging I have turned up the directions for the Swiss darning mend mentioned in my last post.  I hope you can...


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a woman is cutting someone's hair with scissors
How to Start Sashiko | A tutorial from Sashiko Artisans - Upcycle Stitches
many different types of stitchs laid out on top of a piece of cloth,
Lizzie Godden
an embroidered piece of cloth with flowers on it sitting on top of a wooden table
樋口愉美子さんの本から刺繍したポーチを作りました♪ ざっくりリネンに種の模様です。 タッセルは5番の刺繍糸🧵 小さな物ですが色々作って、手芸を楽しんでいます🥰 #刺繍 #樋口愉美子 #樋口愉美子のステッチ12か月 #種の模様 #手芸好きな人と繋がりたい
#kantha stich #simple stich Quilting Patterns, Quilt Patterns, Modern Quilts, Quilt Inspiration, Quilt, Hand Quilting
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the zippered pouch is decorated with colorful trees and bushes on blue denim, along with two crochet hooks
four different types of rugs with blue and black designs on them, all laid out side by side
a pair of pants with embroidered designs on them
someone is making a heart out of fabric and pins on the sewing machine with text overlay that reads, not like this
hand sewing tips
How to repair sweaters with holes?