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Really quick Adrienette hug doodle, feat. COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN UNTIL SUNDAYAlso guys, if you haven’t checked out please do! They have just released a slew of fics all taking place during the French Revolution :D

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Nalu 4 life bb

Collab Art with Natsu by Ayumi-chan Lucy+background by Me I reallyyyy LOVE doing collabs with you Ayuchan

Hi, guys! My name is Geghanush, but you can call me Anush. I love to draw Fairy Tail. Hope you like my works. Info I speak Russian, English and Armenian (But I prefer Russian) Birthday is 1 April 1...

Oh, I love Zeref & Mavis so much. They are my second favorite couple in FT. Just look at Zeref’s facial expression. I think Dragneel brothers must have the same smile.


jorael: “ I’m late for the party as usual It’s hard to believe the show is 2 years old! Here’s to more wholesome fun from this ridiculously adorable show, a factor that endeared me to it in the first place. A big thank you to Thomas and the crew.

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Au where chat dies in the battle protecting ladybug and after ladybug does the miraculous ladybug thing cries and then chat comes and hugs her from behind and he's like missed me bugaboo?PLEASE MAKE IT A COMIC