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Portfolio - Wright Built

Portfolio - Wright Built I mean this will without a doubt corrode and turn green INSTANTLY but I'll be damned if it doesn't look cool. Also I'd get annoyed by not being able to adjust the showerhead so there'd need to be elbow joints or flexible hose

How To Add Brass To Your Kitchen's Decor

Yes guys, we'll be bringing brass with us into It's one of those materials that's timeless and fad-proof. Here are nine chic ways to add some glam to your kitchen design.

Barn Door Line Em Up - Dark Chocolate and Barn Red

Pops of color (pick your own) alternate with beautifully stained strips of solid wood. Standard door sizes are x and the larger x Our collection of Dogberry sliding barn doors has

Designed and Built by Patina Yard Contemporary Double Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn door is the most popular style of a barn door. It can be easily installed, operated, and saves space as compared to a swinging door.

Here's everything you need to add a beautiful sliding barn door to your home. This kit includes the hardware and the solid alder wood slat door. It adds an industrial or rustic look to your room, and a sliding door can be a great space saver.

Barn doors today are becoming part of interior decoration in many houses because they are stylish. When building a barn door on your own, barn door hardware kit