Sex on the Farm drink Vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice and orange juice. Also called Jamaican Sweetheart - swap cranberry for strawberry mix

The adult alcoholic version of those cute patriotic popsicles we adored as kids!

Disney Princess Cocktails

Nothing says "I'm a real adult now" as much as Disney princess themed cocktails! But seriously, these would be perfect for a Disney party.

Rather have a xanny but thi will do. Blue Valium - Replace the sweet & sour mix with grenadine.the Purple Valium.

10 Christmas Appetizer Recipes – Planning the Christmas dinner menu? Start the festivities deliciously with a great selection of tasty Christmas appetizers. Check out these party dishes for your next holiday get-together!

Burgonyarolád (Bacon & Potato Loaf) - Potato as a side dish for dinner.

Perfect of July cocktail - bomb pops alcohol diy ingredients drink recipes diy drinks

Fűszeres indiai csicseriborsó

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Ez más, mint a hagyományos sült krumpli, de garantáltan kedvenc lesz.

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Mint, Peppermint

Roasted Garlic Mushrooms 16 mushrooms 3 T oil unsalted butter, soft 3 cloves garlic, chop very fine 2 T fr thyme, chop 1 T lemon juice salt/pepper breadcrumbs Preheat Lightly fry cap-side down 20 secs shallow roasting tin stalks facing