Jézus élete / Life of Jesus

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a painting of jesus being taken from the ground by two men in robes and holding hands
Иисус и
a painting of jesus standing next to a woman
a painting of three people sitting on a bed with one woman talking to the other
Mária és Márta / Johannes (Jan) Vermeer - Christ in the House of Martha and Mary
an image of the birth of jesus
Feast of the Purification of Our Lady, the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple – Candlemas Day – 2 February
Besides commemorating the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, this day has another meaning, for it is called Candlemas Day. The candle is one of the most widely used sacramentals in the Church; one blessed in a special Mass. We use candles at Baptism, at Mass and other church devotions, at the Ordination of a Priest, the Consecration of a Bishop, at Easter, at Christmas to signify the coming of Christ. Two blessed candles should
a painting of jesus and the children
Did the young Christ apologize for being "lost" in Jerusalem?