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Beginner's Guide to Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming is often mocked, and some even doubt it as a 'real' sport―those folks have obviously never tried it. It's a heck of a workout, and requires immense core strength and stamina.

Synchro Swim Pattern by Simone Massoni, via Behance

"See Ya in the Water", was born as a study for a californian surf brand and then turned into a personal (and far from the original concept) design intended for a fashion pattern design.

photo: Anita Figler (Thank You Anita!) christmas synchro swimming

photo: Anita Figler (Thank You Anita!

Swimming Quotes

You agree? People always have a misconception on how people become successful. They think its been a smooth road the whole way. I think going through the rough paths and learning from it is the beauty of it all.