Harry Styles | for Rolling Stone | emrosefeld |

Damn baby, is it cold out there? Nah I'm kidding I can't be so dominating but if you want Hazza you can give me a hug "Cuz I was made to keep your boddy warm"

i am diggin that face

British fashion magazine, Another Man finds its fall-winter 2016 cover star in none other than Harry Styles. The One Direction singer goes solo as he conne

Harry Styles + tattoos

Anyone notice that the leaf tattoos on his hips are covering up a phrase he had there before? Anyone know what the phrase was?


there needs to be more shirtless louis pics. I'm ok with dying every time<< I prefer Harry and Zayn shirtless more tho

One Direction | ctto: @stylinsonphones

I know for a fact that I will never meet you, but it doesn't not lesson my love for you. I will stand by all of you no matter your decisions. You may leave but I won't. I love you boys x

No joke I'm saving this picture to my camera roll <<<<<Niall Horan Lockscreen — ctto:

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Ok so can we just talk about the fact that zayn looks like a fricking sexy bad boy that would sneak in through your window at night and I just. But all the boys look on point I just had to point that out. haha miss ya zayn